COVID-19 Announcement from the Greater Sayville Chamber of Commerce

To All Dedicated Chamber Members and Business Owners,

This past week has been quite unprecedented and we understand that everyone is anxious from the recent events of Covid-19. The Greater Sayville Chamber is here for you to provide guidance through this trying time to the best capacity that we can.

Starting on Monday, March 30, at noon, there will be weekly phone webinars (until they switch to Zoom) to provide the most up-to-date, timely information being provided to us by the health professionals and public officials. You can register to listen to these meetings and participate on the Suffolk County Alliance of Chambers website.

The website that Suffolk County Officials is requesting for us to use for information, links, etc., is This site is updated daily. It has all the answers to your questions regarding this pandemic situation.

You can also access the Small Business Recovery Unit information at:

NYS as approved 50 Billion Dollars for the SBA program, with 2.2 billion allotted to small businesses. Please note, there is a glitch in the SBA Loan system, when electronically signing. If you cannot sign the document, they suggest to log out and then log back in to complete the electronic signature. They also informed us that it will take at least 30-days to receive the paperwork portions via USPS, snail mail only. We were also told that any business with an existing SBA loan need not to worry, it will roll automatically into a deferral program. SBA also offers these loans for non-profit!

The officials did tell us that businesses should also try other options for loans via banks and credit unions (We were told during today’s webinar that all loans will be forgiven by the Federal Government.

Three opportunities for borrowing money. There will be special arrangements from business lenders:

  • Banks/credit loans will have to be available for payroll needs etc.
  • You can apply through SBA and through a lender
  • 1-year deferment on loans

Non for profits can file as well for loss as well as Chamber of Commerce.

John from PSEG informed us during the call that residential and commercial accounts will not lose electric service. LIPA and PSEG are in constant contact with one another. They assured all on the teleconference that there will be no evictions, no changes in FICO Scores. They will enforce this for the next 90 days. Both offices are up and running but will not enter any premises unless there is an emergency situation.

Some municipalities are offering shuttle services for food delivery options. Patchogue Chamber mentioned Quick Rides, more information will be forthcoming on this topic.

Restaurants do NOT have to close by 8pm as previously thought, they can make their own hours as long as they do take-out or curbside delivery.

List of essential and non- essential businesses can be found on this link:

Please continue to support our small businesses. Our restaurants and stores need you more now than ever before to enable them to survive this unfortunate crisis. Please try to purchase any of your needs locally first and frequent those essential businesses as much as possible.

The Greater Sayville Chamber has been accumulating an ongoing list of what our businesses are implementing as precautions and as well as in sync with regulations while they remain open. Please check our Sayville Chamber Facebook page and our website for this information at:

Important notes to be aware of:

Use the websites and links provided through the

  • To access payroll questions, loan forgiveness.
  • Unemployment guidance to assist with your business that relates to your employee.
  • The National Guard should be here on Long Island also, at this point in time we do not have more specifics on this.
  • File for National Disaster Insurance for your business, if you have it. Look for the Business Interim Clause.

Safety for Downtown Businesses Districts and Main Street:

  • It was asked of the county to please consider an increase in police patrols during this time. Commander Silva of the 5th Prescient and the county is looking into this as an important concern while stores are closed.

311 and

We ask that you have patience with us as we try to circulate this huge amount of constantly changing information. See and
Please reach out to us at any time either at (631) 567-5257 or via email to

Most importantly, please stay safe and healthy.

Eileen A. Tyznar
Greater Sayville Chamber of Commerce, Inc.